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Home of Luxury Dog Beds, Cosy Chic Pet Boutique specialises in providing dog owners with bespoke and high quality dog furniture.  

If you are looking to get your dog a new dog bed, Cosy Chic Pet Boutique is the perfect place to find your new luxury dog bed.  

Whether you are looking to purchase a bespoke dog bed, made to your own custom dog bed requirements or searching for a stylish wooden dog bed that will last for years to come, Cosy Chic Pet Boutique can provide you with your very own designer dog bed.  

Your dog will enjoy a bespoke dog bed, or luxury dog sofa, a raised wooden dog bed created for you and designed to compliment your home, built to stand the test of time.   

From our luxurious cushions that transform our dog beds into bespoke pieces of furniture for your home, whilst still having all the benefits of a washable dog bed, to our extensive range of colours and fabrics, our unique dog bed styling, the high quality and practicality of our dog beds make them the perfect choice.  

For a personalised dog bed, not only can you pick from our vast array of fabrics and colours you can have us personalise your dog bed by adding your dogs name.  

Dog Beds

Personalised Dog Bed


Personalise your dog bed by adding your dogs name, either to your wooden base or embroidered onto a cushion

Luxury Dog Bed


Give your bed an even more luxurious feel by adding motifs and or metallic touches for a luxury or antique french style dog bed.  Or choose a deep pile fabric for a fur or crushed velvet dog bed

Raised Dog Bed


Raised dog beds can be beneficial for your dogs health, they also keep your furry friends out of the draft and off the cold floor, as well as making them feel safe and preventing dust and hair from sticking to the bottom of their bed

Unique Dog Bed


We have designed our beds to ensure they are not only high quality and fully practical dog beds but also are unique and stylish dog beds

Bespoke Dog Bed


With our huge choice of colours and fabrics as standard bespoke dog beds are our speciality.  Have your dog bed painted to match your kitchen or co-ordinated to match your sofa or bedroom.  The possibilities are endless 

Design Your Own Dog Bed


Have something special in mind?  Send us your ideas and we can translate them into the perfect design for your very own unique custom made dog bed

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Our pet beds are available to purchase in pre-created styles, perfect if you're not sure what you want or don't want to wait, but most people will choose to have a custom made dog bed.     

We hand make all of our beds in house and we can create the perfect bed to suit your home and pet in any size, including bespoke sizes if you have a specific place in your home you'd like your bed to fit. 

You can find out more about our options, sizes and pricing on the Bespoke Items Page

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